Dham Talwandi Khurd is the holy abode of Shri Braham Saagar Bhuriwale Maharaj Ji. This place is 24 km away from Ludhiana, 5 km north of Mullanpur city Jagraon Road Located far away. Where great tapasavi of Gareeb Daasi sect Swami Ganga nand Maharaj Ji gave up five physical body on 19th August 1984. During their lifetime, Swami Ganga nand Maharaj ji with the permission of their Guru, Swami Shri Lal Daas Maharaj ji, while preaching the Amritmai Gurbani of Jagat Guru Gareeb Daas Maharaj ji in villages and cities, prepared many Granthi and guided many human beings to the straight path. Places like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, where they visited in propaganda interests of Gareeb Daasi sect and published Ratansaagar Nitnem Aad Granth.

After the divine absorption of Shri Gurdev Maharaj Ji, present revered gaddi Nasheen Swami Shankranand Maharaj Ji as per the steps of Swami Ganga nand ji , in the land of countries and abroad where they preached Gareeb Daas sect, there they also published the entire Shri Darbaar Sahib Ji, two parts of Darbaar Sahib Ji in Hindi, Ratansaagar, Nitnem, Gyaan Mala, Kaafar Bodh, Tuk Tatkra and many other Granths. Apart from contribution of Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji in the realm of spirituality as well as in the social realm, is historic for the Gareeb Daasi sect and Bhuriwale bhekh. If we talk about the contribution made by Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji in the social field, Under the leadership of Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji, in memory of Swami Ganga nand Maharaj Ji, Swami Ganga nand Bal Ghar is being run at Dham Talwandi Khurd. Where the children are brought up and nurture in good manners, which children are left by their parents. Great homes are made for children to live in. Special attention is paid to the basic needs of each child. This orphanage has a legal right to adopting children. In addition, a wing has been set up to care for mentally retarded children.

While Swami Shankrananda Maharaj is specializes in Ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic and allopathic dispensaries are also being run under Swami ji leadership. Where needy person can take medicine without any discrimination. Every year free eye surgeries camps are held. where medicines and spectacles are provided free of charge. Many Blood donation camps are organized in the year in different times. A Charitable in memory of Swami Ganga nand Ji is being run at Machhiwara Sahib and a school Sant Kabir Academy is being run at Talwandi Dham which comes under CBSE. While Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji organizing sports tournaments to inculcate the trend of sports in the youth, he is not only organizing seminars on environmental conservation from time to time to create awareness among the people for the protection of the environment but also planting various plants for the cleanliness of the environment. Every year the service of indigenous ghee is performed in gangotri from 28 may to 9 june. In addition, for the ascetics who perform austerities at gangotri dham, all their necessities are sent every year. At Dham Talwandi Khurd, every year under the patronage of Swami Shankrananda Maharaj ji, on the occasion of the enlightenment of Maharaj Brahmsaagar Bhuriwale and on the occasion of Gurudev Swami Ganga nand Maharaj ji’s barsi, Rain Sabaai Kirtan is organized and an interfaith convention is held which symbolizes that Swami ji and their followers respect all religions and have no animosity towards anyone. We prayer at the charan of Satguru sache paatshaah that in the same way giving strength to Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji for social service and preaching gurbani.