The summary item of this world is the Divine Wisdom. Tatveta Mahapurakh for crossing this bhavsaagar giving the gift of Divine Wisdom and devotional Bandagi to the worldly beings. The greatest of all donations is the donation of Divine Wisdom. From time to time in the world, many Mahapurash take birth to donate bandagi. In order to donate this Divine Wisdom, Jagatguru baba Gareeb daas ji incarnated at Dham Chhudani in 1717 AD and gave the message of bhagti Bandagi till 1778 AD. Your gurbani composition and that message conveyed by you, still exists in the form of Shri Granth Sahib ji.
From time to time the Mahapurakhs for the Gareeb Daas sect continued to preache Gurbani. The name of two great beings from these Mahapurakhs are worth mentioning. Mahamandleshwar Shri Dayala Daas ji in whose congregation lived five hundred Mahapurakhs and preach Gurbani and continued walking to carry Shri Granth Sahib on their head. Dhan Dhan Satguru Brahm Saagar Maharaj ji Bhuriwalw in their presence wrote many hand written Granths which still exist today. After you prepared the granthi, started the work of Akhand Paaths then satguru Lal daas Maharaj ji greatly increased the number of preach and kutiyas. Later, Swami Ganga Nand Maharaj ji, seated on the throne, increased the number of granthi and Sangat by giving them training. A huge stream of Akhand Paaths started in the Kutiyas and Sangat.
After the divine absorption of Shri Gurudev Maharaj ji, daas enthroned by the saadh sangat on january 3, 1985 at Dham Talwandi Khurd. The Swami Ganga Nand Bhuriwale trust has been established. By the trust as by the Dr. Swaranjit Kaur (in hindi) and by the Dr. Gurcharan Singh (in punjabi) has published books on the biography of Jagatguru Baba Gareeb Daas ji Maharaj and about Amritmai Bani. We have published Gyan Tilak and Kaafar Bodh in written (large size book) on some topics took from Amritmai Bani of Gareeb Daas Maharaj ji.
Seeing the sentiments of the sangat and the change in the times, took the initiative to publish the Amritmai Bani of Jagatguru Baba Gareeb Daas ji and the entire Granth from the starting point on good quality pages with new technology. This 1092 page Shri Granth Sahib has been posted on the net as an aap. It’s CD has also been made. When the Granthi Sahiban are seen reciting on the screen, then words flashing in a line below. Keeping in view the sentiments of the devotees , the Amritmai Bani of Baba Gareeb Daas ji has been published in two parts and also published Tuk Tattkra which has about 500 pages. With this any word easily can find from Shri Granth Sahib. For the convenience of the sangat, the Amritmai Bani of Dhan Dhan Jagatguru Baba Gareeb Daas ji is now being printed in Gurmukhi script as well. To completed this work, a regular office was set up by the trust, in which ten computers were installed and this work was started on 18th july, 2014.
Our Gurbhaai Sami Suresha Nand, our Shish Swami Hansanand and Bhai Gurmeet Singh Bains have made a special contribution to make this work a success. Swami Omanand, sister Jasbir kaur, secretary Kuldeep Singh Maan, Dr. Maghar Singh retired CEO Nabha, Telu Ram Kuhara, Raj Kumar Kaddon, Baljinder Singh, Rahul Mishra, Narinder Singh Fauji, Parminder Singh of village Ranwa, Kewal Singh Barundi have contributed. Thank you very much to Print Vision Ludhiana for publishing this most pious work. Many thanks to all the dear gentlemen who have contributed to make this work a success through their body, mind and money. At the feet of Gurudev Maharaj ji is a request to complete their all good deeds.

Swami Shankranand Maharaj ji Bhuriwale
Dham Talwandi Khurd
Date – 31 july, 2020